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Gabriel Grenier, Owner & President of Gabriel Construction Ltd., has been in the construction industry for many years, starting in Montreal and moving to Calgary where he worked on a variety of commercial and industrial projects.

Mr. Grenier's training, his natural ability and his development of technical and management skills enabled him to play a key roll in the construction of some of Calgary's largest landmark buildings. Projects include the Trimac Transportation building, the Petro Canada Towers, and the First Alberta Place Building.

In 1984, Gabriel came to Regina to act as a General Foreman for the construction of F.W. Johnson Collegiate. He settled his family in Regina and continued to work as a construction project manager until he embarked on his own.

Gabriel Construction Ltd. was incorporated in March 1986 and continues to grow and to move forward as a visible force in the construction industry. The foundation of our business is based firmly on the valued relationships we have established with many satisfied clients. The focus of our business, both management and staff is to satisfy your needs in a timely and economical manner.


Our Mission ...

  • is to provide quality construction expertise, products and services in a timely safe and economical manner.

Our Vision ...

  • is to function as an integral team (within the construction industry) where we will take care of the customers, who in turn will take care of the company.

Our Values ...

  • Risks will be assessed and managed.
  • Quality of work will meet or exceed published specs.
  • The Company promotes Safety Awareness in all aspects of every job it undertakes. Any deficiencies noted are remedied immediately.
  • Recognize Potential in every employee and provide equal opportunities for personal and corporate growth and development.
  • Promote Professionalism in the company and the industry by providing safety training and promoting certification of employees.
  • Treat customers, employees and suppliers with Respect and Dignity.
  • Honesty

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